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Good Influence
We fly the flag for creators who are a good influence on their audience. This value extends to how we hold ourselves as team members. We work and act in a way that would scale positively if it were to be repeated by everyone in the company. Think about how your actions reverberate around the company.
Inspired by Ryan Holiday's book Ego is the Enemy, which is required reading at Sixteenth, we are self-aware and conscious in always trying to identify where our ego is at play and how we can act deliberately to limit it.
Choose Optimism
We do not choose what happens around us, but we do always have the power to choose how we respond. We take the option of choosing optimism, focusing on the wonderful possibilities ahead of us. We believe that in the future, Sixteenth will be far greater than it is today.
Hard Work Over Complacency
We value and respect hard work. Others might claim to 'work smart' in place of working hard, but we believe that the two are not mutually exclusive. We can control how hard we work, which makes it a great variable to focus on. It takes hard work to reach the Sixteenth minute.
We take responsibility of our own learning and developing experience. We are the types of people who commit doggedly to self-improvement, recognising that reading books & articles, listening to podcasts and speaking to mentors can give you superpowers.
Long-Term Strategy > Short-Term Gain
We are focused on how hard-work and talent can get you beyond your early wins, to a journey of sustained greatness. This is about surpassing the 15 minutes of fame, to your Sixteenth minute. We act in the interest of the whole and in the interest of being successful in the long-term, rather than just today, this quarter or this year.


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